Remonstrant Church

The Remonstrant Church is a liberal type of church, based in the Netherlands. It has in total about 5000 members and friends, divided over more than 40 congregations: all of these 5000 are grownups, who decided to join the Remonstrants (which is different from other, big churches where everyone that was baptized as a child is registered as member). Remonstrants place big emphasis on personal faith. What binds them is the Statement of Principle. In addition, many write their own confession of faith on becoming a member.  Remonstrants are by no means always in agreement with one another on questions of faith and social issues. They know that the message of the Gospel can not be separated from true choices in the struggle to live together, on the road to a world with peace and justice.

Some fast facts about us:

– The Remonstrants were the first church in the world to open marriage for same-sex couples. It did so as early as 1986.

– The Remonstrants were one of the first churches in the Netherlands to ordain women as ministers.

– The Remonstrants are open for dialogue with members of other Christian denominations and of other religions. They were among the churches that established the World Council of Churches in 1948.

– In our services, when the Lord’s Supper is celebrated, everyone present is invited to take part, whether you are a member of our church, another church or no church at all.

– We defend those whose rights are trampled on by other churches.

The Remonstrant community of faith is a practice ground where the story of man may chime with the story of God-with-man, where trails are traced from past to future, where – sometimes for an instant – God is experienced.  Learn more about our church through Wikipedia.